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Mac OSX: OpenVPN

In order to connect via OpenVPN a client is required, we recommend TunnelBlick for this, it is completely free to download and use.

  1. Download the TotalVPN OpenVPN config files here (supercharged locations here)

  2. Unzip the files, notice that each one is named as the server location it provides access to

  3. Double-click on the server file you want to connect to, then click either Only Me or All Users on the dialogue box, depending on if you want all users of your Mac or just you to be able to access this VPN connection

  4. Enter your Mac password in the dialogue box then click OK

  5. Click OK on the success message dialogue box

  6. In Tunnelblick your VPN connection is now configured. To distinguish between connections here, select your newly added config (openvpncert) and click the gear icon then Rename Configuration…

  7. Rename the connection in relation to the server, click OK, then enter your Mac password when prompted

  8. Click Connect

  9. Input your TotalVPN Username in Username field, please note that your username is different to your email address and can be found on the dashboard here. 

    Input your TotalVPN password in the Password field and click OK

  10. Authentication will occur at this point and an OpenVPN connection will be established. In the Menu Bar the TunnelBlick icon can be clicked for quick connect/disconnect to servers

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