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DNS cannot be manually configured on a Chromecast. The best way round it is to configure SmartDNS on your router, we have guides for generic router setup, DD-WRT and Tomato. Please contact us for help with specific routers and we will see what we can do.

Following configuration on your router of SmartDNS itself, you will then need to block Google DNS at router level. The Chromecast is set to communicate with Google's own DNS servers, This guide is a generic overview and might differ per router:

  1. Access the admin portal of your router
  2. Look for Network Service Filter (or similar phrasing), usually it is under a Firewall section
  3. A table will be present with column headings; Source IP, Port Range, Destination IP, Port Range and Protocol
  4. There will be options to add rows of data, 4 rows need to be added in total
  5. In each row:
    • the source IP needs to be the IP address of your Chromecast
    • Port Range: 53
    • Destination IPs:,,,
    • Port Range: 53
    • Protocol: TCP, UDP, TCP, UDP
  6. Finally, ensure you Enable Network Services Filter, then save any changes

Having completed the above, on a PC, open Command Prompt or on a Mac open Terminal. Type in ping and hit enter, then type ping The output should show as either Timed Out or Destination Host Unreachable. If so, then Google DNS has been successfully blocked.

Once all the above has been done, reboot your router and Chromecast for the SmartDNS changes to take effect.

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