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Amazon TV on Wi-Fi

  1. In a browser, visit the Smart DNS page and whitelist your Amazon Fire TV's IP address
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select Systems
  4. Select WI-FI
  5. Select your WI-FI network and select forget WI-FI network by pressing the menu button
  6. Press the select button
  7. Select your WI-FI network
  8. Enter your WI-FI password and Click on Advanced
  9. Using your router IP, change just the last number group (i.e. if your router IP is, change it to
  10. For the default gateway enter the IP of your router
  11. Input 24 for the Network Prefix Length, click Next
  12. Enter the DNS address which appears on the Smart DNS page

Make sure you have a 1-click US address in your Amazon account and also on, go to Your Account > Manage Your Content and Devices > Country Settings and set country to United States. After setting up TotalVPN DNS on your device, please reboot by turning on and off or restarting. You will then be fully configured to begin using SmartDNS services.

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