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  1. In the browser, visit the Smart DNS page and whitelist your PS4's IP address
  2. Then from the XMB go to Settings
  3. Select Network
  4. Select Connect to the Internet
  5. Then select your connection method, WiFi being Wireless and LAN Cable being Ethernet
  6. Choose Custom on the Set Up Internet Connection screen
  7. On the DHCP Host Name page, choose Do not Specify
  8. On the DNS Settings page select Manual
  9. Enter the DNS address which appears on the Smart DNS page
  10. On the Proxy Server screen, choose Do Not Use, then click Next
  11. Scroll all the way right without making any other changes to your connection setup until you are prompted to Save the settings and run the Test as prompted.​

After setting up TotalVPN DNS on your device, please reboot by turning on and off or restarting. You will then be fully configured to begin using SmartDNS services.​

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