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Mac OS X

  1. In a browser, visit the Smart DNS page and whitelist your OS X machine's IP address
  2. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu (in the top left of your screen)
  3. Choose Network  
  4. Select your network connection from the list, most likely or Ethernet. A green icon next to the current connection will be displayed. Once selected, click on Advanced.
  5. Select the DNS tab, and then click the plus icon (+) beside where it says IPv4 or IPv6 addresses
  6. Enter the DNS address which appears on the Smart DNS page
  7. Once the DNS address has been entered, click OK
  8. Then click Apply

After setting up TotalVPN DNS on your device, please reboot by turning on and off or restarting. You will then be fully configured to begin using SmartDNS services.

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