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Fedora Linux: PPTP

  1. Click the connection icon on the system tray and then click Wired Connection
  2. Click Wired Settings
  3. Click the plus icon
  4. Click VPN
  5. Select Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP)
  6. Set the Name as something to identify the connection (i.e. the location name)

    Input the TotalVPN Server address required in the Gateway field (Click here to get the server list)

    Input your TotalVPN Username in User name field, please note that your username is different to your email address and can be found on the dashboard here.

    Input your TotalVPN password in the Password field

    Click Advanced

  7. Check the box labelled Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE), ensure that the only authentication method checked isMSCHAPv2, then click OK  

  8. Back on the main dialogue box, click Add, Toggle the On/Off switch to connect to the VPN. Authentication will occur at this point and a VPN connection will be established. In the System Tray the connection icon can be clicked for quick connect/disconnect to servers



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